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Can A Smart Home Become Hacked In San Jose ?

October 06, 2021
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Could your smart home become hacked in San Jose ? The short answer is "rarely”. A smart home defense from a respected supplier like Vivint incorporates advanced encryption and other techniques like IP address masking to keep your system safe. Only advanced cyber criminals with plenty of time, patience, and luck will be successful. Hackers normally go after low-hanging fruit that's easy and a home security system isn't typically on the smart hacker's attack plan.

The manner in which Vivint protects you from smart home hackers in San Jose

Vivint makes incorporating residential security and home automation devices easy due to the benefits of wireless components. However, the absence of wired connections can lead to an increased anxiety about your security from cyber criminals. Fortunately, Vivint systems offer powerful protections that will block hackers. Here are some examples of how Vivint keeps your devices safe:

Advanced encryption: Technically, 1024-bit encryption might be cracked, but it would require a really long time to solve. The vast majority of hackers are not going to spend the needed resources to navigate past this layer of protection.

Masked IP addressing:It’s certainly challenging to hack devices you aren’t able to locate. Vivint takes pride in keeping your smart home isolated by masking your IP address to outsiders.

Keeps your security updated: Your home defense package must remain one step ahead of the hackers by frequently releasing patches and updates to firmware and software.

Other ways you can defend your San Jose smart home from getting hacked

Although Vivint gives you state-of-the-art components that have effective security measures, your own daily practices are also critical in protecting your smart home.

Use secure passwords:

Always use a strong password for your Wi-Fi networks and cell phone security application. An unpredictable sequence of upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers are a smarter choice than settling for a personal prompt. For the most part, a longer password is best. It’s also smart to replace your passwords on a regular basis.

Never disclose your passwords:

Always keep your home security password protected. If you do want to give someone other than a family member a PIN for your smart locking system, assign a a limited-time access code. Your neighbors or friends will be allowed to check up on your home when you need them to, and then will no longer be afforded entry when the code’s lifespan runs out.

Inspect your settings often:

You could be the first to recognize a problem with your home’s security. If you sense something unusual, inspect your smart home setup by using your smartphone app or smart hub. If there are unauthorized changes, update your passwords without delay.

Stay protected with a secure smart home from the leaders at Vivint!

The surefire way to enjoy a safe and secure smart home is to select a company like Vivint. Our systems have enhanced cyber-security features which means they are hard and time consuming to hack. Just call (408) 790-0318 or complete our form on this page to chat with our Vivint experts and build your secure smart home.